Coigach Lines

Tenant Genealogy of Coigach Crofts, Scotland, 1800-1900

How to read diagrams

 These time-based diagrams display each individual’s birth, marriage and death years on one horizontal line. A suffix “R” shows that a record is available, and census appearances and other inferred events are shown by a dot superimposed on their “lifeline”. Their descent relationships are represented by the connecting lines down the page, for male descent. The children of daughters who marry into other Coigach crofting families are shown on the diagram of her husband’s family. (Events outside Coigach are not shown except as provided by family descendants, and suffixed “F”).

Suffix “G.S” indicates a gravestone transcription at the local cemetery at Badenscallie.

“VR” indicates the tenant recorded on the estate valuation or rent roll.

3 Responses to “How to read diagrams”

  1. Roddy said

    Hi was looking at crofts in Altandhu you state that the are numbered 210 to 223 inclusively but how were they numbered ? Did the numbers change there doesn’t seem any rhyme or reason to the numbering. I have a copy of the crofts on a map dating 1906.

    I also note you have a Roderick Macleod at 212A Altandhu who married Anne MacLennan however Roderick is listed as Tennant of 221 Altandhu on the 1915 valuation?

    Just trying to get my head round this

    • alibaster said

      Your Roderick tenanted croft 212A from 1884 whenhis father died {and Stewarts had croft 221} until 1898 when he had croft 221 {and Macleans had croft 212} until his death on 5/12/16. Any help? Sorry for delay – Alibaster

    • alibaster said

      Roddy my explanation about the geography of Coigach was the best I could do way back then – sorry Ive been so long in replying – Alibaster

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