Coigach Lines

Tenant Genealogy of Coigach Crofts, Scotland, 1800-1900

(SDD95) Macleod 173, 165 9 (Coulnacreag)

Posted by alibaster on January 31, 2010


3 Responses to “(SDD95) Macleod 173, 165 9 (Coulnacreag)”

  1. Gail McLeod Buchanan said

    Searching for ancestry of Murdoch McLeod, age 32, left Stornoway for New York Nov. 1774, ship Peace & Plenty, liated as from Coiduch on Mainland. reply to Gail McLeod Buchanan, – thank you!

    • alibaster said

      Greetings Gail. If young Murdo”s Coigach family kept their home to become a croft before the 1841 Census, and if he stuck to tradition in naming his U.S. descendants, you might find a similar pattern of Christian names mong the 55 Coigach Macleod families in my Descent Diagrams and if lucky ,research their birth OPR records , in Lochbroom parish, which started in 1798 Try Ullapool Museum, Regards, Alibaster

    • alibaster said

      Also,re second comment Typo and Listed as, Have I seen this message before? I am a pen and paper man in Australia and do not understand My blogging expert son gave up in 2011 and went to Japan leaving some crofts unpublished but I have all the details and could search them for you

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