Coigach Lines

Tenant Genealogy of Coigach Crofts, Scotland, 1800-1900

(SDD93) Macrae 167 (Achduart), Macleod 170 (Coulnacreag), Mackenzie 161(Achininver)

Posted by alibaster on January 31, 2010


20 Responses to “(SDD93) Macrae 167 (Achduart), Macleod 170 (Coulnacreag), Mackenzie 161(Achininver)”

  1. alibaster said

    I have no Mackenzie couple Murdo and Margaret in Coigach in the 1841 census and no Sybil or other matching births in Lochbroom old parish records for 1810 to1830, your two place names suggest “Leacmelm” and “Ross-shire” if the baptism were at home, which I doubt.

    • Robert MacKenzie said

      Thanks for yr interest.Do you know if Murdock &Margaret were on any earlier census? By 1825 the family was down on the”Ploc”,James birth being reg’d at Kirkton,so they would not be on the 1841 census.By spring of 1838,They were in Canada.

      • alibaster said

        My interest is in immigrants to Canada as well as emigrants from Coigach .I was one myself and spent two years in Toronto and six in Vancouver. I have a sister in Victoria, now a grandma. I have a Gaelic dictionary and Watsons place-names of Ross & Cromarty but am baffled by your “Ploc” and “Kirkton regards, Alibaster

      • alibaster said

        P.S. I had novice problems replying and did so by my wifes email – I presume you got my answers.

      • alibaster said

        Try Blog again. Murdo of Isle Ristol b Alan 22/7/12, Adigail 20/3/14. Murdo Tanera b Donald 19/5/16,, John 21/3/19. Source Ullapool Museum ca 1999, card index of Lochbroom O.P.R. @ Clachan church

      • alibaster said

        O.P.R. Card index ca 1999 has Murdo of Isle Ristol b ALan22/7/12, Abigail 20/3/14, and Murdo of Tanera b Donald 19/5/16, John 21/3/19. Try Ullapoo[ Museum now on line

      • alibaster said

        Dates are Alan 22/7/1812, Abigail 20/3/14, both to Murdoch Isle Ristol; and Donald 19/5/16, John 21/3/19, both to Murdoch Tanera.

  2. Robert MacKenzie said

    Ian searching for location & any record for Sibyl Mckenzie,d of Murdock & Margaret Mckenzie …Her obit gave her birthplace as Coigach

    • alibaster said

      I have mailed yesterday the two pages of jean Dunlops book + a photo from the book”Peoples and Settlement 0f North-west Ross edited by John Baldwin showing Tanera Pier in 1814 ,with Achiltibuie in the background

  3. Robert MacKenzie said

    The Sibyl Mckenzie above was born in 1823 according to family records

    • alibaster said

      Ihave searched for a Sybil or a sibyl & will repeat for an Iso or Isa bel. Thanks

      • alibaster said

        I have checked again and have no match for Margaret and Murdoch but Coigach OPR records are lost from 1800 to1811or so. In checking some Cromarty Estates lists ref. GD9/16 book 9, a letter dated 8/4/1817 says Murdoch Mackenzie, tenant of Isl ristol. bankrupt, can continue!

      • Robert MacKenzie said

        Thanks Alibaster…for two things1.The birth record for John McKenzie,….that u dug up for me…..I now know ,that I fed this info to his gr gr grandson,from New York State,who on that day was in Inverness…..changed their itineraryJUST in time ,to be able to go to the Coigach area ,to scout his ancestors sights.I got a call from him to explain this after he got home.I hope u feel as good about that as I do.That is a wonderful gift….his name is R. Gilmore. 2.Received the 3 pages re the British Fishing Society…..Best personal Thanks & regards

      • alibaster said

        Your news re R. Gilmore is exciting and rewarding. Your Murdock 0f Tanera needs a Descent Diagram. I have just done one for the first commentator on my Blog – JohnCameron of Australia 5 Years ago!. But so far I Cant find an address for him!

      • Robert MacKenzie said

        Don’t quite understand…esp the reference to Cameron,in Australia.By a decent diagram ,do u mean a family tree?

      • alibaster said

        My Coigachlines comprises 95 Descent Diagrams which are my version of time based family trees – see descriptions in the headings and “How to read”. Look back to the first comment by John Cameron and I hope all will be made clear _Alibaster

      • Robert MacKenzie said

        Don’t seem to be able to”go back ” to John Cameron’s comments.No Cameron’s listed on the left side of screen,&”and a “search” of the comes up empty.Sorry to be so stupid.

      • alibaster said

        Robert – sorry, but I’m learning. Your successful search for Coigachlines gives 5 headings, click on “geography of Coigach” and scroll to get John Cameron’s 2012 comment and my 2017 reply. For all the comments click on,the wee bell icon in the top right corner to get the index then on the foot of the question mark on each to get the full comment  and reply Regards – Alibaster .

        From: Coigach Lines To: Sent: Thursday, 29 June 2017, 1:19 Subject: [Coigach Lines] Comment: “(SDD93) Macrae 167 (Achduart), Macleod 170 (Coulnacreag), Mackenzie 161(Achininver)” #yiv3614604141 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv3614604141 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv3614604141 a.yiv3614604141primaryactionlink:link, #yiv3614604141 a.yiv3614604141primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv3614604141 a.yiv3614604141primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv3614604141 a.yiv3614604141primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv3614604141 | | |

  4. Robert MacKenzie said

    Should that read,”bankrupt,can continue,…or can’t continue”.

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