Coigach Lines

Tenant Genealogy of Coigach Crofts, Scotland, 1800-1900

(SDD83) macleod 145, 154, 139 (Badenscallie)

Posted by alibaster on January 31, 2010


One Response to “(SDD83) macleod 145, 154, 139 (Badenscallie)”

  1. robbie said

    Dear alibaster,
    strange as it may seem,for the life of me,i cannot find “hide or hair” of Angus Mcleod married to Catherine Mclean,who where surpose to go to NZ in 1859.
    Thankfully her brother, Donald and his wife had at least had the ships name they went out on,where as Angus and Catherine did not, which is like looking for a neddle in a hay stack in finding them.
    I wonder if you could actually confirm they did go to NZ please,as my mother in NZ and a few other people cannot find them.!

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