Coigach Lines

Tenant Genealogy of Coigach Crofts, Scotland, 1800-1900

(SDD75) Stewart 124, 151 (Polglas, Badenscallie)

Posted by alibaster on January 31, 2010


4 Responses to “(SDD75) Stewart 124, 151 (Polglas, Badenscallie)”

  1. alibaster said

    Your Margaret 1827 married Donald Macleod roftcroft 171 Polglas. See Peoples and settlements of Wester Ross last chapter croft 129 was a Stewart croft since Duncan 1831 married Catherine Macleod of croft 96 and I think my Stewart cousins in Badenscallie still have it but I am in NSW

  2. alibaster said

    Thanks for your comment and patience – Iam a novice blogger.i get so little fromthis machine Isent an e-mail instead

  3. alibaster said


  4. alibaster said

    I hope this will go because I want use the blog not the e-mail – just to mention that I have the cheque by which my grandfather paid your Duncan Stewart for his crofter owned improvements on croft 99. I can mail you a cpy?

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