Coigach Lines

Tenant Genealogy of Coigach Crofts, Scotland, 1800-1900

(SDD17,18) Mackenzie 227 (231, 237, 186, 238, 244)

Posted by alibaster on July 19, 2009

SDD 17

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  1. Bronwen Summers said

    I am looking for any information on Betsy/Betty McKenzie’s background. She was born in Lochbroom Parish on 1795, March 29th. She Married John Campbell who I am also wanting information about, I am pretty sure he was born in Ardmair. Their 7 children were all born in Ardmair. I have been fortunate to have been there this year and with the help of the wonderful Ulapool museum volunteers I have information going forward on my relativesand I have photographed croft no.16 which is where Betty and John raised their 7 children. As I understand it you don’t have maps that cover Ardmair, just Isle Martin? Many thanks you have a fascinating website. Bronwen Summers, Christchurch, NZ,

    • alibaster said

      Greetings Bronwyn: John Campbell and Elizabeth Mackenzie and family tenanted their Morfield croft from before 1841 until 1926. Morfieldfamilies are not in Coigachlines but if you like I can compile a similar 8-line descent diagram from my records and post you a photocopy arranged by e-mail? Alibaster

      • Bronwen Summers said


        I am not sure exactly what that means but it sounds good, do you know of anyone who has information on the Ardmair crofts where I assumed they lived until moving to No. 16 in Morefield. I have John Fraser as living there until his death in 1931 – he was the illegitimate grandson of John and Betty.

        Many thanks
        Bronwen Summers

        1781 CAMPBELL
        John Campbell husband of Betsy/Betty McKenzie
        B:1786 / 1781 born at Ardmair
        M:1817 Dec 18th Lochbroom Parish, Ross & Cromarty (Ardmair listed as residence or parish) (register to hand)
        D: deceased by 1857 (perhaps 1 Jun 1851 Ullapool – cemetery Ullapool Museum)
        1841 60 years old living in Lochbroom Parish. Head crofter (55) No. 16 croft Morefield
        1851 John and Betsy not listed on census

        1770? MCKENZIE??????????
        William McKenzie husband of Margaret Drysdale

        1770? DRYSDALE?????????????
        Margaret Drysdale wife of William McKenzie, mother of Betty McKenzie
        1795 March 29th Betty McKenzie

        Betsy/Betty McKenzie wife of John Campbell mother of Joseph
        B:1795 March 29th Lochbroom Parish, Ross & Cromarty
        M:1817 Dec 18th Lochbroom Parish, Ross & Cromarty (register to hand)
        1841 Lochbroom
        Children 7 all listed as being born at Ardmair
        1823 Betsy Campbell
        1825 Ann Campbell
        1831 Elizabeth Campbell
        1831 April 24th Joseph Campbell
        1836 Norman Campbell
        1836 Alexis Campbell
        1840 Catherine Campbell who had an illegitimate son John Fraser born in Kiltarlity, Inverness in 1857 to ? Fraser (lived at Croft 16 in Morefield until his death) death certificate to hand, 26 March 26th 1931 – died at Pultney street Ullapool age 78.

        Joseph Campbell husband of Isabella Ross
        B:1831/1832 April 24th Ardmair, Lochbroom, Ross and Cromarty (register to hand)
        M:1857 June 13th Logie Easter, Ross and Cromarty
        O:Shepherd at time of marriage
        1818 Callich, Contin, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland
        1841 Lochbroom, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland

      • alibaster said

        I seem to have lost most of my reply to you but I can mail an 8-line descent diagram of your family, ifyou like. I take soundsgood as yes. so Ill email in a week or so.

  2. Bronwen Summers said

    Great many thanks.

  3. alibaster said

    Bronwen: your Campbell descent diagram needs 17 lines, not 8, to accommodate your roll-call plus say 10 for uncles and aunts and 3 for Josephs children but I’ll use pencil for the original so easily altered.Also Norman tenanted crofts 15 and 16 in 1892ND PROBABLY FROM HIS ENTRY

    • alibaster said

      Bronwen: your Campbell descent diagram needs 17 lines, not 8, to accommodate your roll-call plus say 10 for uncles and aunts and 3 for Josephs children but I’ll use pencil for the original so easily altered.Also Norman tenanted crofts 15 and 16 in 1892ND PROBABLY FROM HIS ENTRY UNTIL HIS DEATH, THEN jOHN fRASER UNTIL HIS DEATH, WHICH I HAVEAS 3/3/1926 rEGARDS, aLIBASTER

      • Bronwen Summers said


        Thanks for all of that. That is fascinating that he tenanted two crofts, seems a bit odd to be doing that at the same time, but that presumably meeans he was working two lots of land side by side?.
        I have the register of John Fraser’s death and it says
        He died at Pultney street Ullapool age 78 of senile decay and cardiac failure, it was registered on 30 March 1931.

        Regards Bronwen.

      • alibaster said

        Thanks for the quick reply – I thought I had lost it all,closed down and went to bed. So are my allowances for aunts, grandkids etc reasonable? the diagram will cover from 1750 to 1950 rgards Alibaster

  4. Bronwen Summers said

    Yes that will all be fantastic, I just have mine in word on sheets although I also have visio for the actual tree, so anything can be moved to fit in. What is the programme you use?

    • alibaster said

      I posted the first draft this afternoon with a couple of notes and a map of Morfield showing the croft cottages as in 1902 – a croft is about 4 acres of fertile land and hill grazing rights with secure tenancy so you can add your own cottege’.I am flattered by your query re programme – my sources are Register House in Edinburghin the 1990s and the recording by pen and graph paper

      • Bronwen Summers said

        Many thanks for that. Do you know when they got secure tenancy, was it after the 1885? enquiry? I read Eric Richards’ (Australian academic) book on The Highland Clearances. I don’t know anything about Register House in Edinburgh (I was there a month ago), but I do go on to Scotlands People website, is this the same thing I see it appears to be in the same building? But everything I want to look at costs. I am looking for family: Ross, Sutherland, in Fearn, Logie Easter, Kilmuir Easter and other parts of Ross & Cromarty. Do you only work on the areas that have crofts on them? Regards much appreciated Bronwen

      • alibaster said

        I think the crofting acts were1888 but reviewed ( (annual rentals, stock allowances etc in 1900. or thereabouts.All my records were taken from Register House copies of the original sources at !7 pounds per day in their buildingand I think Scotlands people took over there – in the last year or so you could no longer access the original filed copies except by computer. My interest was the Frasers of Lochbroom, descended ,from four Lovat Frasers who settled at Achadhlunachan at the head of Lochbroonafter the Jacobite Rebellion. That led to research of all the Coigach crofting families as on the blog but excluding Morfield and Rudh My son set it up and I neglected it until now. Try the genealogical section of Inverness Library for Easter Ross-shire – Regards Alibaster

      • Bronwen Summers said


        I haven’t received anything in the mail from you. We get mail only Monday, Wednesday and Friday but nothing has arrived and today’s mail is already here.

        Regards Bronwen

  5. Bronwen Summers said

    Hi Alasdair

    The lovely sheets you have done for me arrived today, with a postmark of 13 Aug it seems that despite being airmail it has taken an inordinate amount of time. I see on the envelope a stamp which says SWLF and the date 17 Aug, I have no idea what that all means.

    I would like to clarify some things in this that you have put:
    Beside MACKENZIE on the left you have 1895 Elizabeth- I am not sure who that is?
    Next line after Betsy’s name and 1887 (is that the year she died?) something I don’t understand but which looks like a raised R and then GOU? and in brackets (brother Norman) what does this mean?
    Under 1836 Norman you have that he tenanted crofts 15, 16 1900 at 64u (nephew John Henson)? Not sure what this means., I was told it was croft 15 but you have said that Norman and his nephew John had crofts 16 & 17?
    You have a ? Johns wife m? and then Ann. I undeerstood he had not married and had no children – but you have also put a dotted line to ‘4 other descendants’ there I think.

    I can send you John Fraser’s death certificate which I have if you would like.

    Many thanks for any clarification that you can give me for this. I really appreciate your help.

    Best wishes

    • alibaster said

      1 Elizabeth is Betsy Mackenzie baptised 1895 and registered in Lochbroom Parish church at Clachan., marked by a black spot on the black line from 1895 through the black spot on the same line at 1817 to the black spot marking her presence at the 1841 censusand ending with the black spot at 1861 with a question mark as she was not recorded then . Her daughter Betsy’s death in 1887 was registered by brother Norman, when she was 60 and unmarried. And so on.

    • alibaster said

      Lookat the blog headings which tell you how to read the diagrams which form the 95 Coigach families – which I Croft tenancies are recorded- yours has the same system John frasers death was registered by his daughter Ann. Croft tenancies are from the Cromartie Estates Valuation roll in 1898 and later, can you find any other descendants? I have left space for them ! regards Al

  6. Bronwen Summers said

    Thanks Al. Their daughters called Betsy and another called Elizabeth – I can find Elizabeth’s death in 1887 but it says she was 60 so not too far out (I have her at 56 at that time) I imagine for her and she was registered by Norman and died of asthma in Lochbroom.
    1823 -1887? Betsy Campbell.
    1831 Elizabeth Campbell (would be 56 if died in 1887) (register to hand says she was 60 and her death was registered by Norman Campbell, she died of asthma).

    I haven’t pursued the headings to understand the diagrams better but will do.
    I cannot understand how John Fraser’s death could have been recorded by a daughter, Ann.
    The register of his death has him dying in 1931, in Pultney street, Ullapool it has him as single, a retired crofter and the informant was Kenneth Fraser who was the occupier of the place where he died. It has no details about his father and the surname only of his mother with (deceased) after it. I wonder who the Kenneth Fraser is?
    I have not managed to find a marriage or a child being born to him.

    As I understand it the only one to marry was Joseph and I have his marraige and all his children in the information I have gathered. Him and Isabella Ross had 6 children between 1857 and 1869 all born in Kilmuir Easter. So from the initial lot of 7 children there is not a lot more to glean except where they lived and died and what they did. I have information going forward about all of Joseph’s children.

    Many thanks regards

    • alibaster said

      My 1895 was a careless error for 1795 – most details were yours but some were mine and not checked and I should have spent more time at first and will do so now . Apologies – Alibaster

      • Bronwen Summers said

        Thanks I realised immediately that that 1895 was meant to be 1795 so i wasn’t worried about htat.

        I just want to establish whether it was Betsy or elizabeth whose death was registered by Kenneth Fraser.
        I have never managed to find John Fraser’s birth, although Ulapool museum gave me the dates etc.
        I don’t think Betsy/Betty (1795) was ever Elizabeth but that is what you think? I cannot find her birth register, I have no idea where I got that date from but probably Ulapool museum also.
        Regards Bronwen

      • alibaster said

        And you were right – another death entry for Campbell croft 28 Morfield showed “daughter Ann” as informant for her father’s death, and the date 1926 fitted with your family’s tenancy ending before 1928 as on the Valuation roll. May have been related? Alasdair

      • alibaster said

        Sorry I cant help with informant Kenneth Fraser. The only one in Morfield was in the only Fraser croft (N0 5,) and he was born 1780 but several Fraser families in Ullapool. Croft 28 Morfield had a Lexy born in1839 but no other common names. I have details of Upper Strathmor families but not Ullapool

  7. Bronwen Summers said

    Many thanks for all your help on all of this.

    Regards Bronwen

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